Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to get a flat stomach - the truth

First we have to get something straight. I am not writing this blog to lie to you about training and dieting. There is simply no fast and easy #1 exercise to get a flat stomach. After all, it's not even a stomach exercise which will give you a flat stomach.

If your stomach isn't flat, it's because you have to much fat on your stomach. Fat can not be removes and certain places on your body one part at the time (except with surgery). Forget all the special stomach-exercises. It's not working, and never will. But the help is here.

What do you have to do? You have to get rid of a lot of fat. The fat situated on your stomach can be hard to get rid off. The only way to do this is healthier food and more exercise which leads to a calorie deficiency. There is NO WAY around this. Stomach exercises will not make any difference as long as you don`t already have low body fat on your stomach to show off the abs situated below the fat. But to be honest, everyone has abs below that fat.

How to get rid of the fat?
- Eat healthier. More protein, less fat, less carbohydrates. Tip: Try to get a decent amount of protein in each meal, eat salads as carbohydrates, and avoid the fatty sauces and dressings. Fish is ok though.
- Eat smaller and lighter meals
- Exercise more. Combine running and weight training. Running "kills calories", while weight training builds muscles which consume calories.
- Dont comfort yourself with unhealthy food after training. If that's the case, you could rather drop the exercise and not eat the food.
- Remember it's actually easy math:
Calories into your body - Exercise =
Positive -> You put on fat
Neutral -> You stay the way you are
Negative -> You lose fat

Good luck!

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