Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 Easy Ways To Get In Shape Through 2009

As the first post in this blog I present to you ten easy ways to get in shape for 2009! This is ways me and my friends have learned through all the years we have been working out and eaten healthy.

If we can, you can to!

1.) Start working out. There is simply no way out. Find an activity you can enjoy! There is plenty to choose from; tennis, jogging, hillwalking, lifting weights, swimming and more.
2.) Make sure your activity makes you sweat and breathless. To be hones: Light activities is FAR from optimal.
3.) Ask a friend to join you. Everyone has a friend who either works out, or would like to start. Competition or simply encouragement is good, plus it makes it even more social.
4.) Replace certain foods with healthier alternatives. Meat farce with ground beef, regular Pepsi with Pepsi Max, regular cheese with light cheese and the list goes on.
5.) Cut some of the dressing or sauce on your foods. Remember 1 dl of fat is nearly 1000kcal!
6.) After working out, do not cheat on yourself by thinking that you now deserve something unhealthy.
7.) Try getting some protein in every meal. Good protein sources are milk, beef, fish, shellfish, eggs and different types of white and red meat.
8.) Do not cheat on yourself by skipping your training. If you are not feeling 100% that day, head to training anyway and do what you can. Very often you quicken up after warming up a bit.
9.) In stead of the previous chocolate, fast-food and Coca Cola, spend some money on your training wardrobe.
10.) Take measurements and pictures and see the progress. This is maybe the biggest motivators when you see your progress!

Good luck!

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