Thursday, June 30, 2011

5 great sources of protein

Protein is a very important source of nutrition. Getting your daily amount of protein to a decent level can often be hard if you dont know your way around in the healthy food jungle. This is why I am going to present some GREAT sources of protein which you can use through your day.

1.) Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese is a great source of protein, as it has 13g/100g of protein, and only 1,5g of carbs and 4,3g of fat. Myself I use this in my breakfast. After a couple of slices of bread, I eat a half box (~170g) of cottage cheese with some fruits or some sugar free jam. It tastes great and is a fresh and nice addition to your meal! This can also be used as delicious desert with some fresh berries or other fruits.

2.) Cooked ham
Cooked ham is cheap, can be eaten on the go and got great nutritional value. 18g/100g of proteins, 0g/100g of carbs and only 3.5g/100g of fat. Add a good layer of this to your breakfast, or use it in your omelette.

3.) Can of tuna
This one never gets old. It might not taste that great eating it the hardcore way straight out of the box. But try adding it to a salad? Or how about adding it to a sandwich? Try this out:
Take a box of low fat kesam, a box of canned tuna and mix it to your desired consistency. Add pepper and maybe a bit of salt. Taste your way through. This mix is of GREAT nutritional value and tastes super on your bread or crackers.

4.) Low fat kesam
High on proteins, low on carbs and fat. Perfect as a great replacement for sour cream and yoghurt. I.e. add some sugar free syrup/juice to it, stir it, and you got a great yoghurt high on protein.

5.) Low fat milk
There has been a lot of fuss around milk. I myself think it is a great source of proteins. Especially if you arent dieting. But even though, I think everyone should drink som milk throughout the day. A litre of milk contains 33g of protein and only 1g of fat. But be careful if you are dieting, as it contains 48g of carbs.