Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 Easy Ways To Motivate for Weight Training

I have been weight training for about 5 years now and through my experience I would gladly like to share my personal tips for keeping myself motivated from January to December each and every year!

Motivation is often hard to get, especially if you are training alone. It's also dangerous if you loose your motivation and thereby the hang of it.

1.) When you start weight training. Don't look to much on your muscle gains. Try to motivate yourself by your strength gains. This is way easier to motivate in the start.
2.) When you have been training for a while. Let your own look motivate you. Think about the hard work you have put through to get this.
3.) Find a training partner who is even more motivated then yourself.
4.) Take pictures of your progress.
5.) Look at motivational movies at youtube.
6.) You are allowed to drop a workout once in a while if something important happen or you get sick. But you are NOT allowed to skip more then a week a couple of times a year.
7.) If you are not on a diet and are bulking; motivate yourself by thinking of all the good food you can eat after working out which turns into muscle mass.
8.) Get some new clothes for working out in.There is a lot of cool stuff out there if you just look a bit around.
9.) Time for you. Time to take a break from kids, family or other demanding parts in life.
10.) Watch the classic "Pumping Iron" from the 1970s with Arnold.

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